I should like to acknowledge the assistance given to me by the following organizations and individuals in the compilation of the text and photographs for this book. Firstly, my thanks go to the KwaZulu-Natal Nature Conservation Service (Natal Parks Board), for allowing me such generous access to the material in its archives. I should also like to thank individual Conservation Service officers for their help in this regard and, in particular, Dr George Hughes, Jeff Gaisford, Graham Keet, Warden of Mkhuze and Rita Erasmus.

The Natal Branch of the South African Archives in Pietermaritzburg was most helpful in locating government files on Mkhuze, dating back as far as 1914. I am also indebted to David Swanepoel, Manager, Library and Information Services of the Agricultural Research Council of the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute for his considerable assistance in locating appropriate information and photographs of the Mkhuze Nagana campaign.

In my search for historical photographs the following were particularly helpful: Tony Pooley, Fred Essenwein and Lorna Peirson. The photographs that they so kindly made available were copied and enlarged by Nic Ruddiman, who also made digital copies of various colour transparencies used in my draft text. My grateful thanks go to Diane Scott, Mark Astrup and Derek Potter for their meticulous proofreading of the text and to Rob Scott and Dr Peter Goodman for their useful suggestions.


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