This manuscript is dedicated to the memory of Leonard "Singie" Denyer, Khonjwayo Ndhlovu & Funwayo (Mahukwane) Mlambo who helped me capture the simple and great images to secure the past

NOTE: in regard to the spelling of Zulu place names

Over the years, there has been a change of approach to the spelling of Zulu place names. With the exception of the change in the spelling of the name of the reserve that was recently agreed upon, I have retained the spelling of place names, in the style that was in use in the sixties. This has been done for the sake of conformity with the style of the rangers' reports written at the time and I crave the reader's indulgence in this regard. Much of the text in the book consists of verbatim extracts from official documents or rangers' reports and I thought it would be more appropriate to use the spelling in use at the time.